Further Research into prominent causes and their campaigns. Campaign Development Week 2.

After utilizing the clone stamp tool I remembered a similar campaign that used a similar technique to raise awareness of Domestic Violence by photoshopping celebrities as victims of abuse such as Anne Marie Duff, Mikita Oliver and Kate Thornton. The campaign was designed to raise awareness for domestic violence,  on behalf of Women’s Aid and fronted by the slogan “Act”.  The celebrities had been altered to appear as though they had been beaten, employed as a shocking visual  representation it prompts the audience to realize the importance of domestic violence as an issue.  The campaign which was created by Grey London stuck in my mind of the visceral and graphic nature of the imagery not only because it featured Anne Marie Duff which was the first time I saw the campaign but because of the nature of the visual itself and the bluntness of the campaign. It confronts the viewer with  statistics but more importantly the shocking truth about domestic violence and that it touches everyone. I think its a brutally honest campaign that doesn’t seek to use subliminal marketing techniques like some brands or causes but more asks the viewer to confront the truth about an issue that is often overlooked or ignored.

3 Different topics that capture my imagination.

1. Age UK is a charity that I’ve always been surrounded by due to my mother working there and being involved in their marketing campaigns but I’ve always had a huge respect for people who are elderly who had an influence on my life such as grandparents or family friends who have told me stories as a child or guided me to make better and smarter decisions in life.



“We believe that age needs respect. It needs kindness. Sometimes it needs help. Because there is strength in numbers, Age Concern and Help the Aged have joined forces to become Age UK – so that we can be here for everyone in later life.”

Age Uk Advert featuring Scottish Actor Brian Cox.

Age Uk Advert featuring English thespian Sir Ian McKellen.

Interview with Brian Cox about his role in the Age Uk Advertising campaign and why it is important to him.

I think a lot of people forget that the elderly are the one who have shaped our futures and given us the rights for independence and a lot of the liberties that I think a lot of people take for granted and don’t recognize.

2. Another topic that I find interesting and statistically alarming much like Age Uk and the issue surrounding care for the elderly is homelessness. It always strikes me that in the age we live in there are still thousands of people who sleep rough in cities across Britain in appalling conditions.



This image as part of a homeless campaign also drew my attention to the cause and made me think about what it really means to be homeless. I think the visual imagery of the promotion by Samu’s Homeless Ad Campaign encapsulates the feeling of sinking or drowning in a city where no one is willing to help or notice the issue at times. The ad in tandem with Publicis Conseil was designed to bring attention to homelessness. “Sometimes it’s easy for us to ignore the homeless – to the point where they just blend into the streets themselves” is the tag line that accompanied the campaign and again the words are immortalized in a literal sense by the imagery created by Samu.