Original Image.                                                                         Pixellated.

Grayscale.                                                                           Pattern deterred.

Duotone.                                                                             Curves/exposure/gamma correction.

Glamorized version. Clone stamp tool used to                           Cosmetic changes.

remove eye bags, take arch off eyebrows, extend

cheekbones, widen mouth, and removes

blemishes and marks, saturation tool used with

exposure tool to darken skin and hair. Image

sharpened and made 1% longer in height.  Vibrance

was also adjusted under image adjustments. Removed

scar from forehead.

Fight Club airbrush. Using the clone stamp & brush tool

on Opacity 9% to give the appearance of bruising & black

eyes, the brush tool to apply cuts and bloodshot eyes.

Used the selection tool to add a plaster to my right cheek and

applied the brush tool to give the effect of blood seeping through