Album cover design for a Ska surf album using the techniques we’ve learnt so far. For the album I looked at previous albums that incorporated and targeted the demographic that I was going to aim the album at. Young adults and students, and found that most adhere and aspire  to the stereotypical Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister lifestyle and why not! they’re campaigns epitomize  youthfulness and beauty and a healthy living lifestyle so I tried to address that pop culture zeitgeist with my album design and art work. I looked at previous music associated with surf culture that I listened to myself such as Xavier Rudd, the Beautiful Girls and more indie based Ska music and found that the variety of surfers listen to either punk, ska or laid back acoustic music which has connotations of sereneness and a laid back lifestyle . To encapsulate this in the album artwork I used an array of colors that are not muted and provide the visuals with what I hope is an eye catching quality but at the same time is also relaxed.

During the research process I took influences from a lot of Vinyl Lp covers from the 70’s and their vintage quality looking at the work of the Beach Boys in particular but also modern Ska bands like Reel Big Fish.

The Two album covers above from the Beach Boys in a visual sense play with juxtaposing visceral lightness of the bright oranges, pinks and yellows colors traditionally associated with surfing with the silhouettes of the surfers themselves in the foreground. The text on both albums is also symbolic of the lifestyle and the generation when the albums were produced in the 60’s and 70’s. The sweeping lettering embossed with a shimmering mask and the color blue like water is a good visual representation of the title itself “The Beach Boys”. It has a warmth and vibrancy that you associate with their music also. The second album “Wild Honey” also uses a similar visual technique bright colors of the flowers and text outlined in thick shadow and inked in black to make them stand out to the potential consumer and audience. The name of the album is also written in a cartoon stylized text which highlights again the fun aspect of the music it self  and its youth orientated target audience and key demographic. This is also prevalent on the albums I looked at by modern Ska bands such as Reel Big Fish.

Final Product design – Life in Technicolor.

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